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Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating Feeder

Travel speeds up to 60 feet per minute

Choice of construction from carbon steel to metal alloys

Designed to accommodate heavy headloads.

Easy installation, low maintenance and minimum downtime.

Economical in initial cost and operation.

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Vibrating feeder also can be called vibrating feeding machine. Vibratory feeder in the production line can transport the material with the shape of massive and particles smoothly to the feeding device in a stable time, which can continuously feed the raw material to the crushing mechanical machine for such as long time beyond our imagination and which also can help to screen the coarse and fine product of mining machine, that is the reason why it can be used in the industries of metallurgy, coal ore, ore dressing, building material, chemical industry and grinding material in order to reach the purpose of combination of crushing and screening in the production line of mining machinery. Vibrating grizzly feeder can convey the material to the feeding device in the stable speed in order to avoid the stoppage of the feeding door. This machine takes the advantage of centrifugal force made by block rotation of eccentric vibrator, which can make the vibrator, movable portion and sieve compartment to continuously move all the time.

Vibrating Feeder

The Performance Characteristics of Vibrating Feeder:

1. Small size, light weight, simple and compact structure.

2. Installation, easy maintenance, low operates costs.

3. High efficiency, the ability to feed.

4. Low noise, which helps to improve the working environment.

5. Low power consumption, high power factor.

6. Work in far more than the resonance state, and thus the amplitude stable, reliable operation; it can have the strong adaptability to a variety of materials.

7. To plus Ingredients are required to adjust the eccentric block feeding amount, which can be easily adjusted.

Vibratory Feeder

The Merits and Features of Vibratory Feeder:

1. Stable vibration, reliable operation.

2. Special trash rack designed to prevent material clogging.

3. The gap between track racks can be adjustable.

4. More part pieces can stand grinding.

5. Small material to prevent wear parts, to wear small material, to increase production.

6. Optional frequency control motor to adjust the frequency, thus changing the production, easy to control the feeding capacity without the need for frequent start the motor.

7. High frequency start; ① consider the entire production line to ease a broken jaw, back-breaking pressure; ② The high-power devices to avoid frequent start.

Technical data

Model Max. Feeding Size (mm) Processing Capacity (t/h) Motor Power (kw) Obliquity of material trough (°) Trough size (mm)
GZD-650×2300 300 80-100 2×1.1 10-20 650×2300
GZD-750×2500 350 100-130 2×1.1 10-20 750×2500
GZD-850×3000 400 120-150 2×3 10-20 850×3000
GZD-1000×3600 500 150-200 2×3.7 10-20 1000×3600
GZD-1100×3600 580 240-300 2×3.7 10-20 1100×3600
GZD-1300×3600 650 450-600 2×7.5 10-20 1300×3600
GZD-1500×3600 1050 450-1000 2×7.5 10-20 1500×3600
GZD-2000×3600 1200 550-1000 2×10 10-20 2000×3600
GZD-2500×5000 1500 650-1500 2×18 10-20 2500×5000
ZSW-380×95 500 100-280 8p 11 0-15 3800×280
ZSW-490×110 630 150-400 6p 15 0-10 4900×1100
ZSW-490×130 750 400-700 6p 22 0-10 4900×1300
ZSW-600×130 750 400-700 4p 22 0-10 6000×1300
ZSW-600×150 800 500-900 4p 30 0-10 6000×1500
ZSW-600×180 900 700-1300 4p 37 0-10 6000×1800
ZSW-600×200 1200 800-1500 4p 55 0-10 6000×2000

Note:processing Capacity May Vary With Different Materials And Feeding Sizes.

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