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Lime production line

Lime production line

Lime production line

Lime production line

Production Capacity:150-600t/d

Specification of Rotary Kiln:Φ2.5×40~Φ4.8x68m

The qualified limestone is store in the material cabin, elevated by the bucket elevator

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General Overview

Component Parts:rotary kiln, vibrating feeder, chain conveyor, bucket elevator, belt conveyor.

Applied Area:building material, metallurgy, chemical engineering and environmental protection

General introduction:

Lime production line

The qualified limestone is stored in bin, then elevated by bucket elevator to upper bin of preheater. Feeding amount is controlled by two level meters. After, through discharging pipes, the fed limestones are evenly distributed in rooms of preheater. Inside preheater, limestones are heated to 900℃ about by the 1,150℃ kiln flue gas and almost 30% are decomposed. The not-decomposed limestone are pushed into rotary kiln by hydraulic pusher, then sintered and decomposed into Ca0 and CO2. The decomposed materials are conveyed into cooler, then cooled to 100℃ bellow, finally discharged out and stored as limes through vibrating feeder, chain conveyor, bucket elevator and belt conveyor.

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